Why DevelAper?

DevelAper comes as a natural response to my need to portray the process of moving from being a monkey doing a mechanical task to being the best ape possible.

Throughout the work life of a programmer it ends up making familiar expressions like “monkeys chopping code” or “if you pay with peanuts you get monkeys”.

From my first steps in the world of software development, I was struck by the fact that some knowledge workers had such a visceral, primitive and unrealistic attitude towards their less technically prepared peers.That need to rank the components of a team in castes with different privileges and practically immutable had something dehumanizing and more typical of a herd of baboons than of development teams.

I must say that it has always seemed contradictory, paradoxical and rather disrespectful to the monkeys to use them as objects of comparison for someone who is not very skilled in a task since, after all, and with permission of the creationists, Monkeys are the epitome of development and evolution.

I,without any doubt, am an ape stinging code, a monkey hitting a tool, trying to understand my surroundings and improve to survive.

Because what can you develop if you do not evolve?