Hi, I’m Ibrahim and this is my website

I am a digital nomad and a convinced remote worker.I was seduced by the non office required way of life and there’s no turning back.

I’m a developer focused in collaborating with startups, entrepreneurs, small local business and all kind of projects with aim in social development, art and culture.

I have been messing around with code and software for more than 10 years. As a professional I’ve a deep interest in work methodologies and productivity development.

I have had the chance to be part of different teams during the last years and although always I had to work across the full stack I spent the most part of my time working with back-end languages.

As you can see in my linkedin profile I was working with and during their first year I was the only fullstack developer in the startup, this situation gave me the opportunity to work with RoR, Php (Zend), CoffeeScript, Backbone and NodeJS at the same time.

Most recently I have had the chance to work for 2 months with the back-end team of, as freelance reinforcement hunting and squashing bugs in Php (Symfony2) and AngularJS, before a new important release.
Going trough my CV and experience I would like to highlight my collaboration with an Australian based startup focused in help students from around the world interested in traveling and studying in Australia.
Here also I was the only developer for the whole project and that make my work with the Back-end (Php/Symfony2) and the front-end (Bootstrap and JS) at the same time. It was two years ago and it seems that now they have grown enough to reach New Zeland and the USA with

You can get in touch with me at