Day 1 of 100. My journey through the #100DaysOfCode Challenge

‘Try to leave this world a little better than you found it’

Robert Baden Powell

After I committed to the challenge I wasn’t very sure about where to start. As I said in my previous post I’ve a lot of reason to start and a lot of reason translates into a lot of choices but I didn’t want to get stuck with my indecision and  choose to keep it simple, so I started working today refactoring an assignment that I already published on mi github profile.

The original assignment was part of the hiring process of a British company called Reedsy. Making the long story short my code wasn’t what they were expecting but I say it with no hard filings, they were very nice and took the time to send me some feed back about my code, so I can improve my skills as developer.

All this feedback went directly to a trello card in my to do list until today when I decided to use it as a starting point to develop a basic Rails 5 app where I can apply some patterns and best practices starting with some refactor.

Let’s see where this takes us.